WE THE PEOPLE… The demolition of Pudu Jail

June 23, 2010

WE THE PEOPLE… The demolition of Pudu Jail.

The government decides to demolish the 115 year old Pudu Jail, a historical landmark in Kuala Lumpur. (Oh… and is that Tian Chua dude still an MP?)

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7 Responses to “WE THE PEOPLE… The demolition of Pudu Jail”

  1. Kemm Says:

    ok kot.. to make way for progress.. aku rasa lah.. janji ada semua data, facts pasal penajra nih, gambar2 yg boleh dibuat kenangan, maybe ada dokumentari pasal sejarah penjara nih etc..

    rugi tak panggil geng ghost adventures carik hantu kat sini ritu..

    • handstied Says:

      Not progress but money, they want to errect some office/condo/commercial building there and make money out of it for their own pockets. Nothing to do with us the people or better providing for us – cos if that were the case, then there shouldn’t be a question of demolishing it since the poeple don’t seem to agree to it.

      There are many other ways to utilize this space without demolishing it.

      A mere refurbishing, some ‘prayers’ the shell of this place can easily be retained while serious renovation can be carried out on the inside if you really must take up this space for something.

      And if it’s income for the country, for the economy – heard of Alcatraz?? shit, it’s in the heart of the tourist hub, who wouldn’t want to experience a walk through with voice over and sound effects depicting the scene in there once upon a time in history? Put in enough effort and some amount of money then you’ll see the returns. EVERYBODY loves a little thrill!

      Those walls with han painted murals by the convicts – you’ll never get those back again. The leats they could’ve done is cut it out properly and preserve it in a museum or somehting.

  2. azmi Says:

    It’s should be the best tourism attraction in the city of Kuala Lumpur. The tourism Minister and the government was so stupid to do this

  3. Tom Hayton Says:

    Well it was a horrible place, and hardly a symbol of the best of Malaysia’s history.

    BUT a historical symbol it was, and sadly I think the reasons behind the demolition are financial- it’s sitting on prime real estate.

    There are hardly any historical buildings left in KL and that’s a real shame.

  4. ikram Says:

    The government uses a lot of money on things that doesn’t even related about the people..do you know how much bridges there are situated just in the area of putrajaya..some are still in progress of contructing new ones..with all that money that they take from us people, why not do something for the people..

    in this case, save the pudu jail..just restore it..it only cost about thousands..besides, when it have been restored..pudu jail can be a tourism attraction in the heart of KL..still going to make profit maa..at least KL have something to show..

  5. Botak Chin Says:

    KL has no soul. Landmarks from KL’s historic past can add so much more flavour and wealth to the city’s heritage. 100-yr-old Bok Mansion was demolished and a history-less “Saloma” down the road serves as tourist info centre instead. Big piece of land between Pudu Jail and LRT line is as just as prime, and is even connected to LRT and monorail lines but the 100-yr-old Jail next door is demolished. Good or bad, the history of these buildings add uniqueness to the city. Anyone these days can build a tower, twin towers, aquaria, big bird park, etc. Few can maintain an Alcatraz, Tower-Of-London, Cockatoo Island, and we had that chance right at our doorstep… but wasted it forever.

  6. Charles F Moreira Says:

    When I passed through on the monorail yesterday, I noticed the wall on the Jln Pudu side had been moved in some metres but are you sure they are demolishing it.

    Anyway, if they do and some new thingie is built in its place with Starfucks, etc, you can bet your bottom ringgit (for all its bloddy well worth), that you’ll find all the shallow-minded Malaysians flocking there like cattle and the money bags know that.

    After all. In Malaysia, money talks and “bullshit” like heritage can walk.

    In the Confucian caste system, the merchants (ie. the capitalists) are the pariahs – ranked below the workers and peasants.

    So now you know it.

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